Learning Differences

Kingfisher Learning is dedicated to providing high quality education services.


The primary focus of Kingfisher Learning is assessing and assisting those who are struggling to succeed in school.

Helping Learners Rise to their Highest Potential


Melissa M. King, M.Ed.

Learning Specialist Melissa M. King and her team listen and respond to clients’ questions by employing scientifically sound practices that are both thorough and compassionate.

We stand by our work and understand the importance of bridging the gap between evaluation data and what actually happens in a classroom or homeschool setting.

Meet Melissa

Melissa King Vermont Education Services

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Fast Isn't Smart

Slow processing speed has nothing to do with intelligence, yet it is prevalent amongst those with learning disabilities and ADHD. ...

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Katrina Dreamer Tutoring

Katrina Martin of Katrina Dreamer Tutoring is a reading interventionist and academic coach who utilizes the Orton-Gillingham approach. They specialize in working with...

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Discovering the Truth


Building relationships and creating positive change entails discovering the truths about who a child is as a learner while respectfully removing the barriers to learning.

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